Greg Zaccagnino aka The Fake Zaxx

originally posted 02.14.2018|transmission by: zaxx

I am going to address this here with receipts to get it out of the way and for posterity sake. Makes it easier to have a pre-written statement should the subject be brought up that I can link to. If you even were able to find this site in the current sea of piss that is google. My sincerest condolences and I’d like to offer you a gallon bleach to pour into your eyes and warm blanket. Hold onto some of that bleach you might need more after reading this.

As you may or may not of noticed I personally was ripped off by the notorious fraud child Greg Zaccagnino aka Zaxx. For the sake of this article he is heretofore known as “The Fake Zaxx” to avoid any confusion.

This article and contents within are not libelous and it’s indeed an absolute fact that that “Fake Zaxx” is a fraud who bullshitted his way into modest popularity in the nauseating, cringe world of modern “commercial edm”. (barfzilla)

Buyer beware the “Fake Zaxx” uses a cornucopia of lies, deception, theft and dirvesion from his copyright infringements from many artists not just myself.


As if that isn’t bad enough this “Fake Zaxx” gimmick child regularly looks for tutorials in obscure corners of youtube and releases them as his original songs to prop up his stolen identity pandering on social media for validation to the lowest common denomination i.e. the e-tarded commercial edm consumer that knows no better. Yeah, I wish I was kidding….


Welcome to the current state of commercial edm folks but wait there’s more! As if artists using presets wasn’t bad enough.


Here’s a statement from Swedish producer Euphorizer confirming theft by “Fake Zaxx”…




previous statement of mine:


Just a humble sweetheart on Twitter…


Oh about those “totally organic” followers…


“Fake Zaxx” bullshit botted his way into getting into a blue check mark called “verified”. It’s safe to presume his other social media presences, views and plays are “totally organic” as well…yeah right.

I don’t fully understand and never bothered to but it doesn’t really mean twitter verifies the identity of a person/brand/company etc. It’s more or less loosely used as what the site decides to prop up sort of deal from what I gather as I was on there since 2008 as @zaxx. (you can’t even register 4 letters anymore) I have recently deleted that account for mostly unrelated reasons however it was a factor in that decision. The notifications were quite annoying at times as one can imagine. I’m on keybase as zaxx & blockchain much higher value for verification of a identity than any twitter.

Since his entire formula is based around dickriding anyone in top 40 beatport charts just so he can put his stolen brand and stolen sounds on top of their work it’s natural they would “verify” him. Good job Twitter.

The only thing truly “verifiable” about “Fake Zaxx” is he’s a “verifiable fraud”.

fake zaxx 1

Everyone who doesn’t like me stealing their shit is just a jelly hater!

-“Fake Zaxx”

It could be perceived by some dismiss my tone as jelly and that I need to go to jelly school. I assure you this isn’t the case. Pretty sure I could figure out how to steal peoples shit and stand next to a cd player pumping my fist in the air and striking wicked sick Jesus pose like a cringy ass cornball!

I truly don’t want a “spot” or to “get up” or any recognition/exposure from “Fake Zaxx” at all. My dues are well paid 10x over. I am DMC qualified and laptop battletech. I run hardware, MaxMsp & Ableton like adult producers cause Fruit Loops is for clowns. No jelly to span this biscuit and any association to him harms my cred as overwhelmingly my entire shtick is a rejection of status quo and commercialization. How does having my name and brand associated with mainstream art theft benefit me in the slightest? I clearly don’t like mainstream. We do like off site obscure electronic label nights & places more that speed for the anti-Ultra type events during music week even but that doesn’t mean that my art and established brand is free for anyone to polish the edges off and commercialize into top 40 wishy washy cringe bullshit.

No more jealous of him then I am of fidget spinners being a plastic fake product and unlike him a fidget spinner can at least spin!

This leads us to the next point.

Why don’t I sue him?

This is complex and the system to do this is quite broken by pricing people out as I discovered.Until recently he was underage. I have consulted with a prominent entertainment lawyer quite extensively. Was a free consultation cause he knows me and is an exe raver even. (Nelly’s lawyer)

The short of it is it’s not that I don’t have a winnable case at all. It’s that on top of it being a major pain in the ass, it’s a really obscene amount of money that would have to put up front for the process and it would likely go well into 6 figures when all is said and done. Would have to be filed in NYC even. This type of litigation isn’t about winning at all. It’s about the ability to collect after winning and he doesn’t have any money. Certainly not in that amount. Winning a case means nothing if you have to live in bankruptcy afterwards. That doesn’t sound like winning to me.

I came to the logical conclusion just to sell my domains to him for cheap and walk. “Fake Zaxx” could shove them up his gay lover Hardwells anus leaving me to sort a new domain and site were the SEO isn’t likely to be eternally skewed to his favor. Mainstream slaughters underground for SEO after all and that’s not likely to ever change. My art isn’t defined by a name. Prince changed his name to a symbol even. Recoup at least part of my investment perhaps.Is what it is.

Taking a new perspective and thinking this would be a fairly mutually beneficial solution to the problem I decide to message him. Pretty damn politely too I might add.


So I left it redirect for months since he confirmed sale. 650 isn’t a lot of money and that’s barely even what has been put in renewals/whois. Friends even said looks like I forgot to add a zero due to the problems and sheer sociopathic malevolence of his persistent theft from artists. 4 months later when I asked “what’s up with the money” I got snarky attitude and diversionary tactics. He even said “talk to my agent” I bet he reallllly needs an agent. He’s Elvis. The King of EDM. That’s why he can’t afford a website. Sure thing buddy. Maybe if he didn’t spend all his money buying followers/fake plays on social sites he would of came up with it. Additionally that generous offer is well off the table and the truth about him is to remain in the SEO.

“Fake Zaxx” is best summarized as little more than a hack ass bitchmade LARPER.

Where does this leave me? I will continue to independently do my own thing outside of mainstream as I always have and in all honesty I wish him all the success in the world. I hope he wins a Grammy in fact. Earns millions. Worked for Milli Vanilli right? (One of them even offed themselves from the shame.) Then he will finally be able to pay out all the lawsuits that would inevitably come from all the artists he has ripped off over the years. This highly unlikely as the gimmick of being a child artist is rapidly fading and his abilities aren’t likely to ever be able to stand on own merits hence all the piggybacking and dick riding on other artists with unsolicited remixes to get his stolen brand and stolen sounds associated with them.

DJ Storm wrote recently how much more quickly people are to call out fake producer/djs when they are female. I tend to agree. This kid would of been immediately outed and laughed off the internet as a whole by more than the tru-heads long ago if he were a she but that’s an article for another time.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

-real zaxx