New Music: A Female Led British Glam Revival, Shoegaze Resurgence et cetera.

First up a new interview with Last Dinner Party who are spearheading a new British female glam revival. Bowie smiling down?

For their Iggy counterparts and tour mates we have Picture Parlour emerging. Additionally Courtney Love has called them her new favorite band.

Generation Z for some reason or another been increasingly warming up to shoegaze. The eclectic Drab Majesty has clearly noticed and deviated in a direction that certainly fills the zoomie demand with a new lead off single “The Skin and The Glove” and are currently on tour.

Lotta talk about zoomers finding Slowdive too which is pretty neat when old bands rise with new fans. They have a new song called “Kisses”:

Last but not least we have Yard Act a new band that emerged during the pandemic. They have a cool song and cheekily overly cinematic video called “Trench Coat Museum”. Are they derivative of LCD Soundsystem? Obviously but they sure are fun so who cares. Also with a nearly 9 min lead off single they are clearly saying they don’t care either. 😀