Studio Pics Spring 2021

Avoiding the pandemic/collapse hasn’t hit me as hard as some others cause I like being inside doing arts anyways. DJ Tommie Sunshine seen some my modular videos on twit and asked if I wanted to release some stuff on a new non club music imprint he starting up so been piddling away with a full length for that. Run into the issue of like a new module coming out and holding shit up sometimes. Right now it’s the Mutable Instruments Beads gah. Lucked out with some science juice (It’s normal for a nurse to have to heat the vax up in a spoon right?) so occasionally get some vitamin d though. The one I’m pumped to the gills on isn’t even made by the asbestos-in-baby-powder-people. You’d think most companies would of rebranded after that oopsie. Bold.

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