Weimarmerican Girls

iza bop fr ong no cap

Across the countryside, the girls are eating Marks
Discussing modern theories on philosophy and art
They spend their worthless currency on pleasures after dark
Hits of morphine in the cabaret, can’t blame them it’s been hard

Living between the endless wars, under a parliament of bores
Beside the rubble of the churches and schools that stood before
Is this all wrong, all that they want is to feel seen
They’re putting on their makeup like the girls in glamour magazines

Pretty girls in pretty dresses
Great wars and great depressions
Both for pleasure, lovely Weimar girls

Weimar girls like to stay out late
They put out on the second date
They’re not na├»ve, they just want play
Because they may only have today

They watch the Mark hyperinflate
Watch as the empire incubates
On ideology of hate
While in totalitarian state

Weimar girls
What can we do?
What can we do?

Weimar girls
Tell me the truth
Are we all doomed?

Even in my moderate world
You’ll always be my Weimar girls
So hold me as we watch it all repeat

Weimar girls
Tell me the truth
Are we all doomed?