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Recovery oriented.

Resilient INTJ mastermind. Non-linear forward thinker. Disrupter. Parameter smasher. Big city abandoner. Middle of nowhere establisher. Decentralized web3 enjoyer. 100% off-grid aspirer. Socmed and specialization alike is for insects. If you think time is real, you won’t be getting many invitations worthwhile. Dreaming big means that when you come up short, it’s usually still pretty far ahead. Everything should be called space jazz cause that’s really all anything is.

Punx get down. Normans get out.

I am a Spanish-American subculture survivor/linchpin and outsider artist of varied mediums. I have established over 30 years in the demoscene. It is an extremely small tech community that was recently designated by the United  Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization  (UNESCO) as intangible cultural heritage/ICH.

My sonic screwdriver is primarily associated with new music/musique concrète/IDM/chiptune and breakcore. I knock around in the realms of experimental, maker, and diy movements with emphasis on improvisational electronic, sound design, tape manipulation, circuit bending, electro-acoustic, turntablism, controllerism, hexadecimal, and live performance nationally. I like to watch cable television on mute and do far out sounds to whatever show is on. Often game shows.

Former Ticketmaster and Pollstar booking agent as well as a healthy swath of other promotions, residencies, and imprint affliations. Finding objective firsts more culturally impactful than subjective bests as a promoter legislation such as 21 U.S. Code § 856 forced “crossover era” a term I coined and spearheaded with my “Crossover Spotlight Series” of events. To the chagrin of many gatekeepers (remember disrupter) I strategically positioned myself to be the very first to put electronic music from outlaw raves into safer mainline venues such as the Pageant (main stage not club) and Hi Pointe (where I was on 9/11) among many others which was very challenging to get a fair shake in at the time but now where EDM (for better or mostly worse) thrives on any given night normalized with its above board 10+ billion dollar annual industry.

Before Coachella streamed, before Boiler Room, before Twitch existed, before YouTube live streaming and just before Occupy Wall Street even it was, in fact, little ol’ me who produced the very first live web music festivals on planet earth with my “Broadcasting From Undisclosed Locations” (inspired by AM radio broadcaster Art Bell) series on Ustream/IBM Watson Media. The infrastructure was not ready yet in beta, and I figured that artists can just take turns logging in for sets, then logging out for the next set, and repeating the process for as long as we can go with the goal of being seamless. It was not seamless, and of course, the same credentials being shared by so many freaks around the world on one account is problematic and a liability for myriad reasons, but we could go non-stop for a couple days. It serves as a lesson that once in a while, the simplest workarounds are overlooked by all the smooth…I.. mean, err…*checks notes*…BIG brains, in Silicon Valley, and anyone, even endusers like most of you, can inadvertently make history.

The system at the time was a streamer had to hotlink to another affilated streamer and so on. This lowered viewership drastically each pass as viewers get lost in the sauce by missing the link, get misdirected by a spammer link or simply lose interest as it breaks program continuity. Keeping people on same channel is always ideal for viewership same as broadcast television does. Just as with tangible festivals, webfest producers have to be dynamic to adjust to any number of issues such as people running late, technical issues etc and need to maintain an elevated admin rank on same channel to make changes on the fly. My assessment is that it would have likely taken about half an hour for an IBM developer to implement a rudementary queue system where after registered and ToS agreed people could stream with their own liability to another event channel on the platform. I feel that would have pushed web festivals, gaming, protests and streaming in general forward 5 or so years, and if that’s not wacky enough from a business standpoint, IBM Watson Media could have become the largest streaming platform today had that happened. Just think how many more feet that would of added to a CEO’s yacht! Poor yachts 😢. Anywho, props to the artists I booked and even the ones I didn’t that managed to get the login credentials and take it upon themselves to perform as though they were lulz. They share that first with me, too. Bigups to everyone who did it after me, even though they were not the first to do it because I was, they still helped pioneer those global paradigm shifting efforts equally. I love seeing this new generation taking it much further. When that pandemic came and everyone was locked down, all venues closed, and people were able to attend and perform at live web music festivals from safety, it certainly not only made life worth living but saved lives too.

I produced and disk jocked a weekly FM (KWUR) radio show at Washington University called “Saturday Morning Cartoons.” It was on Sundays. It’s one of the last remaining fully independent student-managed radio stations in the US. 

Buy the ticket, take the ride.

Parallel to William S. Burroughs I hail originally from Saint Louis and found myself living in San Francisco making music at Edinburgh Castle where all the beat generation writers used to frequent in the notoriously gritty Tenderloin neighborhood before settling the vast Kansas prarie. Have also lived in Los Angeles and Miami. I am an always colorful and sometimes boisterous visionary that occasionally fails upwards yet with equal parts of punk spirit and neo-hippy soul I will always remain true to myself independently underground.

The director of Star Wars George Lucas sent me a cease & desist letter. Courtney Love punched me in the head on May 23, 1999, and blew out my right eardrum. Once, I hung out with Eminem, who is originally from St Joseph Missouri for about half an hour after skating with Caballero on an underwhelming open street course at Warped. He was neither in his tough guy or clown personas. He was very friendly, warm and I got the impression he was a big softie even. He gave me the feeling he doesn’t like being as popular as he became. It’s rumored Sir Elton John is his 12 Step sponsor these days. I am allergic to strawberries. Havanese (national dog of Cuba) named Bowie, cat named Rukia, and an ungovernable hamster named Chaz. My wife has forsaken us with a rescue pug named Finnigan, and I suspect this bad pug harbors unsavory political beliefs of the Northern Irish. I love O scale model railroading.

Doing good is feeling good.

Some of my charity works & causes include Raise the Roof Foundation. We petitioned, ruthlessly fought governance, evangelical townies, NIMBYs, and Karens, all of whom are lames. Despite their best efforts to thwart, I organized fundraising efforts with street teams, contests, competitions, and concerts, designed, and eventually built a 13500-square-foot indoor skatepark in one of the most unlikely places, the buckle of the bible belt, Springfield, Missouri. It was the largest indoor park in the Midwest at the time and still ranks up there. I recall one of the city council riots where a Diane Swinestine Nazi type was pattering on a slippery slope fallacy about how if they appoved a skatepark, what would be next? But what if all these people want an archery range? Are we supposed to approve that too? A 10-year-old yelled out, “MAKE AN ARCHERY RANGE!” Everyone cheered because he had a deeper understanding of civics than her. To give an idea of how salty the municipal governance still is with me down there, I have an active bench warrant for minor in possession of beer at a bowling alley that they will not drop, which is about 30 years PAST the statute of limitations. I have been mulling over bringing my own posse to film, turning myself in on my 50th birthday for lulz and to further highlight their glaringly absurd corruption and tax waste.

I produced what our pals over at CDM called “a sprawling” 48-band Joplin Missouri tornado relief album titled Bring Back Before. It’s a safe presumption that it has the most bands of any tornado charity album ever, but that was never the intention; a lot of good people just wanted to help.

I like skateboarding and was a filmer and rider for Altered Skates of America (s/o Glen) and Ski Shack (s/o Mark). Co-founding member of the legendary Phar-Mor Posse. REST IN PUNK to our beloved brother, Rich “Reefer” Davis. Named after a now defunct pharmacy that my big normie sister worked at and had the sickest twinkie curbs you’ve ever seen. Wilson & I laid the first coat of wax. I would estimate the posse swelled to around 100 members city wide and absolutely caused a stir. I also founded filmer clique Food Not A Sport to document it. I sometimes give away skateboard decks to kids at parks and low income housing, too. If you ever see me, ask for one!

Unfortunately, Elvis tier revisonism has pivoted to electronic culture. CHUCK BERRY 💯

*If you dispute ANY of my credits and hard won stripes, prove me wrong. Otherwise..*ahem*🗣️📣Timmy👏sit👏your👏whitewashing👏uninspiring👏lameoid👏low👏vibration👏bitter👏a**👏down👏eat👏your👏cold👏sack👏cheese👏sandwich👏on👏your👏15👏minute👏break👏whilst👏listening👏to👏the👏soundtrack👏of👏your👏miserable👏vacant👏life👏cope👏and👏seethe👏over👏my👏SEXY👏ALL👏CATTLE👏NO👏HAT👏BDE👏LATINO👏EXCELLENCE💪❗️

Devoted husband to my muse & superhero nurse, who is an artist in her own right. We have two very creative (not pictured for privacy) legally adopted kids. A bionic drummer boy who is learning event production and a furry (her fursona is Super Fox) classically trained pianist girl.

Being sober rocks! Trust GOD!🙏☮️
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