Resilient INTJ mastermind. Non-linear forward thinker. Disrupter. Big city abandoner. Middle of nowhere establisher. Decentralized web3 enjoyer. Socmed and specialization alike is for insects. If you think time is real you won’t be getting many invitations worthwhile. Dreaming big means when you come up short it’s usually still pretty far ahead. Everything should be called space jazz cause that’s really all anything is.

Up the punx. Normans get out.

I am a Spanish-American subculture survivor/linchpin artist of varied mediums who has established over 20 years in the realms of the demoscene, experimental, maker and diy movements with emphasis on improvisational electronic, sound design, electro-acoustic, turntablism, controllerism, and live performance nationally. Former Ticketmaster booking agent as well as a swath of other promotions and imprints. Finding firsts more impactful than bests as a promoter I am widely credited as the first to put electronic music from raves into traditional venues such as the Pageant among many others which was challenging at the time but now where EDM (for better or worse) thrives on any given night normalized with its 10+ billion dollar annual industry. Before Twitch existed and before YouTube live streaming I pioneered what became the model for modern web music festivals of today on Ustream (IBM Watson Media). Parallel to William S. Burroughs I hail originally from Saint Louis and found myself making music at Edinburg Castle where the beat generation of the 50s used to frequent in San Francisco before settling the vast Kansas prarie. Have also lived in Los Angeles and Miami. I am a colorful and sometimes boisterous visionary that occasionally fails upwards yet with equal parts of punk spirit and neo-hippy soul I remain most comfortable independently underground.

The director of Star Wars George Lucas sent me a cease & desist letter. Courtney Love punched me in the head on May 23, 1999 and blew out my right eardrum. Once I hung out with Eminem who is originally from St Joseph Missouri for about half an hour after skating with Caballero on a underwhelming open street course at Warped. He was neither in his tough guy or clown personas. He was very friendly and warm. We talked about balloons mostly. I am allergic to strawberries, have a dog named Bowie, cat named Rukia and a ungovernable hamster named Chaz. I love model railroading.

Some of my charity works & causes include Raise the Roof Foundation where we petitioned, fundraised, designed and built a 13500-square-foot indoor skatepark in Springfield (largest in the midwest at the time) and I produced a sprawling 48 band Joplin tornado relief album titled “Bring Back Before”. I like skateboarding and was a filmer and rider for Altered Skates of America and Ski Shack. I sometimes give away skateboard decks to kids in low income housing. If you ever see me ask for one! 

Devoted husband to my muse & INFP superhero nurse who is an artist in her own right. Being sober rocks. ☮️

email: zaxx@facethesound.earth