First Month On The Prairie Full Time

I got here the same way everyone does: by clicking their heels together three times, duh.


or I called the cleaning lady…


and got a Uhaul…


than nimbly dodged a bunch of these…


only to get hit with this…


I blame Finnigan, the problematic Northern Irish Pug, for insisting that “tow weight and speed are mere suggestions, nothing that warrants rigid adherance.”


The guy that looks like Santa in the offseason told me this fit goes hard and shared some random unsolicited takes on artificial intelligence lulz.


had gigabit+ fiber installed just in time for Coachella live streams.Oneohtrix Point Never, Gesaffelstine, Last Dinner Party, and Justice were my favorites. Lana Del Rey wasn’t into it till Jon Batiste came on with her. She was in perfect form for the rest of the set. I was looking forward to Grimes expecting a live set and to play synths with her feet like old times, but she attempted a dj set and… should just go to rehab. From sh*t tier prog house unrelated to her sound and inablity to mix (she can mix well as a producer just not as a dj) it was abysmal and only made worse by her constant slurred interuptions apologizing for not being able to count bpm while simultaneously blaming her own team for the shortcomings. Charlotte de Whitte played an impeccable dj set that nodded big to the warehouse era, and Grimbo should study her if bored in that rehab. Lil Uzi Vert was super fun. Doja Cat didn’t do the cow song. I am starting to question if she’s a cow at all or even a cat. I personally feel a full Odd Future reunion would be more fitting for the type of fest it is than just Tyler The Creator, but he was still amazing, and the canyon themed stage design was very immersive. He did have Earl Sweatshirt come out the second weekend, aka the one that no one pays attention to, and there’s Camp Flog Gnaw for stuff like that still. It was far better than last year overall. Bjork drone show and Chemical Brothers can only do so much lifting.


After all these years, she still looks at me like Ariana looks at Pete.


“There’s no place like home.” -Dorothy Gale 1939