How to Clean and Oil a Turntable

originally posted 02.09.2018|transmission by: zaxx

Turntables lose torque because the motors have to work harder when the oil wears off. This causes the motor to degrade as well. Dirt and dust collects around the spindles from records and can cause problems. I figured since I was due to oil and clean mine I would share a brief guide how to do this simple but very important (and often neglected) routine maintenance. Depending on use determines how often. Average use I’d say do this every 6 months.

Step 1: Procuring proper oil.

-Do NOT use 2&1, WD-40, vegetable oil, Jheri curl juice or anything other than this. Doesn’t matter the brand turntable.


TECHNICS SFW0010 center spindle oil<—-amazon *Avoid counterfeits. Hiroki Tokuyama<—-ebay is a reputable vendor in Japan if they sell out.

Now that you have the proper oil you want to get a Q-Tip. Set that nearby for now.

Step 2: Removing the platter.

-Unplug it and remove any mats to access the platter.


-Stick your index fingers in those pink holes.

I bet you weren’t expecting adult content.

-Now lift it straight up. You shouldn’t need to pull hard at all just be sure to lift it straightly to clear the spindle and set it aside.

Step 3: Cleaning the spindle.

-You want to get your Q-Tip now and clean the around the spindle. Pull up on the top of it so you can access it better. It doesn’t pop off just lifts a little so don’t worry.

Rub it all around it it real good and you will get dirt mixed with old oil off.


Step 4: Oiling the spindle.

-You will need cut off the tip of the applicator with scissors if it’s a new bottle. You pretty much do the same thing as you did cleaning with the Q-Tip instead this time use the oil. You only want about 2 or 3 drops.


-Work it all around the spindle while holding it up. If there is any excess use the other side of the Q-Tip to sop it up. Pull up and push down a bunch kinda vigorously 20 times or so on the spindle. It helps work the oil in proper.

Step 5: Put the platter back on.

-Gingerly place the platter straight over the spindle and press sorta firmly.

Congrats. You are now a well oiled dance machine.

Step 6: Dance before the police come.