I like the 12 step approach to life

Life is wild and without some sort of framework. A scaffold on a building of sorts…mang. I don’t know where I would be without a program. Staying in the recovery of today and not the past keeps me from dwelling in it, which is good. It’s super easy to slip into pasts without program orientation. Yeah, we gotta get into ourselves and fearlessly get into that stuff, but you don’t wanna get lost like the people without programs do. The accountability humbled me, and from there, I was able to let go and find freedom. I hope others find their way to similar results. Everyone can benefit from working a program regardless of issues or lack thereof. Writing about recovery around here feels pretty natural, and once you have the spiritual awakening, I have had it really just pours out sometimes. I renamed this webspace Face The Sober Earth but we will continue to Face The Sound too.-z