New Decade Who Dis?

It’s 2020 who would of thunked it and color me underwhelmed! Seemed like only yesterday was a whole decade ago and I was on Wix unnecessarily paying more for a grossly inferior product I barely even used and prior to that… oops almost stepped on a label NDA sooo yeah, anywho kicking off this decade on a new server with fresh installs of Debian 10, Mysql, Apache, and WP version 5.3.2 & SSL secure. Thanks add1 for the helps.

We had to fearlessly trudge and endure that decade of mediocrity to get to the Baby Yoda prize on the other side.

Eat up, you earned it, kid.

The decade that wasn’t a decade. Maybe in history books they will call it the “Secret Decade” or is that taken already by Korea being the “Secret War”? Shouldn’t Afghanistan have that title now? That wars old enough to drink and no one ever says boo about it but I digress maybe “Decade of Meh” would be better as to not step on toes here.

Within the decade of meh there wasn’t really much cultural significance that wasn’t a reboot, revamp or perpetuation of what was already going on and no ones likely to talk about it. Another Marvel capeshit movie? Meh. How about Ghostbusters but Bill Murray is played by a woman? Meh.

Noteably boomers en mass being unsatisfied with ruining the futures of all generations since or will ever be began salting the cybernetic fields of social media and games with bad maymays & horrible takes from phones.

“Just get a summer job doing shoe shines outside Woolworths and buy a new house you lazy bum”

Once contained in Yahoo news comment sections now even Tic-Tok and Fortnite isn’t safe from the eternal boomer’s wrath.

Some bands reunited just to let us down? (Looking at you Sleater-Kinney) Other bands didn’t? (Looking at you Beastie Boys.. Q-Tip could do MCA’s parts) “mumble rap soundcloud type beat” was googled a lot? lulz. A car was launched into orbit with David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” playing to divert us from noticing there’s still no flying cars on earth that were promised in Jetsons?

a e s t h e t i c

Fine that was objectively cool. Not as cool as if thin white duke hadn’t passed but any effort that puts us closer to busting alien cheeks I commend.

The Blues actually winning the Stanley Cup was something no one ever thought would happen.

Oh lookie, hell froze over

Sonic-ally big room EDM was as horrible as it was the decade prior. They STILL use that pryda snare exclusively too. Truly the stuff of nightmares. Why that fraudulent cringe still allowed on main stages with so much fire out there to pick from?

In a right and just world there would be more pitchforks, torches, tar and feathers.

A wishy-washed cornball parody of underground that exists to sell Ford Focus and energy drinks to meandering bipeds with trust funds prowling for coitus.

Beared witness to dancing and tears of joy from those old exiles in Miami’s Calle Ocho district on 8th when Castro died was some shit to behold on a bit of a personal level. Wish my gramps & dad was around for that one. It carried over to the airport too even.

press s to spit

Strangers hugging, high fiving and dancing. I was leaving and even got kicked off a plane by plane cops for being a little too “in the spirits of things” How was I supposed to know vapes set off those alarm sensors? I got clean & sober since so likely to avoid little oopsies like that this decade. I don’t think I’m on any lists I wasn’t already on ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .

Orange Hitler became a thing too. While I feel he’s not good for the mental health of the nation it’s glaringly apparent we had all these problems and divisions long before him so even that’s hardly anything original. Only tangible impact that it has in my day to day is having to endure others all over the spectrum blathering about it and more selective media consumption. The latter can be more challenging then it sounds at times.

“Yeah the “Decade of Meh” I remember that. That was the one before the “Decade of Eh” right?”


Predictions for 2020s:

With all the hundred dollar Behringer clones of the vintage analog Roland boxes and synth modules in conjunction with the access of digital people already have I expect a whole new generation Z will get more live with it. Acid techno revival maybe? Entirely new undiscovered things. They gonna find fresh sounds and capabilities with these instruments that none the pioneers ever thought of and that’s the most exciting part to think about. I’ve talked to others about it all and they feeling that part of it too.

Prolly be like badass liquid sub styles of whatever that too. There’s always good liquid styles of everything if dig far enough. It was true back with early DnB & techno and its true now. Even liquid trap surprisingly works. I find a lot of stuff on SomaFM that wouldn’t expect.

Further summoning my big brained soothsaying skills gonna venture out on a far limb and say Nyjah Huston possibly, maybe, perhaps becomes first gold medalist for skateboarding in the Olympics ever?


I got art projects going, some workspace upgrades and things coming up that I’m quite jazzed about. I’ll be writing more frequently on this site and sharing new stuff. Past already happened, future is unknowable. I heard someone say if one foots in the past and another is in the future you pissing on today in the middle. So here’s to now. Futures come from now. I stays in that now. Happy new year! Keeps it moving yo.