New Squarepusher Be Up A Hello

There’s a tier of bands that transcend art culture and evolve into a description. Tom Jenkinson is one of those. He’s often a description around experimental socially cause it’s easier (and less wanky) to just say something/someone sounds like Squarepusher then a virtuoso midi guitarist of brutalist 303 acid breaky drill & bass of the skitzoid glitched out avant-garde variety. I recall saying “He’s like Squarepusher!” to some people when promoting a show with The Flashbulb some years back.

A Squarepusher album that sounds like Squarepusher

“Up Be a Hello” is the 15th album from Squarepusher but a massive hark back to the “Hard Normal Daddy” UK underground rave era he helped define being his return to vintage hardware 1 take recording oriented workflow and a quite an album that soon as I listened after his veering off in recent years all I could happily think was “wtf it’s a Squarepusher album that sounds like Squarepusher how cool is that” but it certainly still manages to feel vibrantly new.

Overall I have to give “Up Be a Hello” an arbitrary number of chin strokes cause we use a highly sophisticated proprietary chin stroke rating system on this site unlike those dubious antiquated backwoods blogs still using stars in 2020.-z







5-Detroit People


7-Terminal Slam

8-Mekrev Bass